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Business Financial Plan Implementation

April 2, 2012 FINANCE No Comments

imageIf you are an entrepreneur who has launched his business with a dream to become a successful entrepreneur. For those of you give your available resources, but may require additional resources to deliver products and services to your customers.

This resource is no more than the total initial investment of fixed assets represented, Installation, Assembly and pre-operational, as reflected in the Balance of Initiation.

So far everything appears to work well, missing results and cash flows that can generate business.

At this stage of viability, considering the risks involved, but can be minimized if the financial planning that must be followed to the letter, as marketing plans, operational plans and staff structure of the plan as a team, all articulated in the Business Plan.

It also should be very concerned about the projection or the fulfillment of the following items: sales needed to achieve balance, costs and expenses, profitability and profit margins.

Implementation of financial plan will make the right decisions and project investment needs in various business activities, which allow survival and growth. In addition, a financial plan involving engage in so-called vital signs of a business or enterprise as: Liquidity, Profitability and Debt, which involves analysis and understanding of how they are interconnected three signs, in order to achieve the goal of life, growth and usefulness business or enterprise.

Interrelation of liquidity to Return reveals signs of rotation. Profitability and Leverage interrelation allows us to know the financial structure. Finally, Debt Liquidity enables us to determine the company’s ability to meet debt service standards.

The result of the combination of the following three important profitability, liquidity and debt determine Free Cash Flow FCF firms.

In the end it was cash flow available to serve beneficiaries of the company are creditors and shareholders.

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