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Sensor Now Becoming a Profitable Business

May 2, 2012 BUSSINESS 2 BUSSINESS No Comments

imageCommunications on the web are also monitored, but not censored, supposedly more advanced countries such as France, UK and USA. For the first time in history, censorship has become a business, fortunately, there is no perfect lock.

Internet was designed to ensure the transmission of information back and forth on the planet, avoiding all obstacles. For this reason, the basic structure of the network is relatively simple. Servers that manage Internet traffic do not ask questions, are limited only to transfer data packets from one place to another and to seek alternative routes when something fails. The network makes no distinction for the content.

There are many ways around the restrictions and censorship techniques. Not only is a technological race, as there are people involved in guaranteeing the right to information.

Restrictions on information, whether for political or business, show the divorce between the current regulation of copyright and distribution, control cravings repressive governments and the reality of a connected world where information is liquid, any conduit flows and seeps through the cracks of all systems. Humanity needs more information, and information wants to be free.

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