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Organization Field With Business Process

May 17, 2012 BUSSINESS 2 BUSSINESS No Comments

imageDuring the classroom phase of Professor Jose Maria Beranger, in the field organization by business processes and ICT was discussed on the subtitling of the first book which they called “Competing using Information Technology”, and then basing on the book but in a second work, deepened the competitiveness of enterprises in the early twenty-first century, with the objective of the reader to apply information technology in organizations forever, but with the main objective of the business processes.

Very good teacher commented on the first conference to discuss business processes is not new, since this model in the organization held its grand heyday a decade ago.

And when it comes to innovative organizations not only refers to large companies, rather to any type of organization regardless of size.

He also mentioned that there are several distinctive features of business processes or CMP (Cycle Process Improvement), among which may be numbered;

He mentioned horizontal organizations, and designated as the type of organization where the customer is increasingly active part of that organization.

In turn mentions the universality and standardization, which are those that are configured from basic business processes at high speed and versatility.

He kept mentioning the scanning, collaboration, and automation as the issues involving information technology in business processes.

After these came with the Cycle of Business Process Improvement, and named it the core of the work to be performed in accordance with the methodology applicable to any type of organization from its inception until the desired changes.

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