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The Mini HTC Wildfire S

March 15, 2012 MOBILE PHONES No Comments

imageHTC and Sony Ericsson have been battling with each other in the mini smartphone category. The midrange market is a growing one and HTC Wildfire S was released just in the right time. There are consumers who want their Android in a small package. Its compact size and colorful bodies have made it one of the successful smartphones in the market last year. Mini HTC Wildfire S … Continue Reading

HTC Smart Mobile Phone

March 12, 2012 MOBILE PHONES No Comments

imageIn a world where smartphones heaving with features are most sought after, HTC has carved a market for itself through the HTC Smart. This mobile phone is smart in more ways than one – it’s a heart-warming balance of adequate features, effective functionality and affordability, a combination of which could take it even higher than it presently is. The phone is targeted at youngsters, so it’s obviously loaded with a lot of fun features. One of our favourites is the HTC Sense platform. One of the coolest things about this UI is the ‘Scenes’ functionality. … Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Price Comparison

imageWhere to buy unlocked mobile phones at best prices is reviewed here. Prices of iPhone 4S, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson smartphones in different online stores featured on this site. Read about tablets hot out of the factory. Cheap phones, high end mobiles, all reviewed on this website. … Continue Reading

Compare Mobile Phones for the Best Deals

February 29, 2012 MOBILE PHONES No Comments

imageThe mobile phone market is flooded with a number of manufacturers. Many companies are planning to launch their mobile handsets in the future. With a gamut available to a consumer, confusion is bound to step in. A new mobile phone today may be outdated tomorrow. What is new today will be old tomorrow. Practically, it has become difficult for a consumer to make a decision amidst so many confusing choices. … Continue Reading

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