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Android 4.0 ICS update rolled out on Samsung Galaxy S II

imageSamsung has rolled out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system update on its Galaxy S II GT-I9100G smartphone.

galaxy 300×160 Android 4.0 ICS update rolled out on Samsung Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100G smartphone features dual-core, 1.2 GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 mobile processor and PowerVR SGX540 graphics chip. The Texas Instrument processor has got better talk time than Exynos processor of Samsung Galaxy S II. … Continue Reading

Anti-virus Software

imageAnti-virus software is must have program. Why? Going online without protection against the latest viruses, worms and Trojans; your computer is vulnerable. With fast spreading viruses, your computer can be infected within seconds after launching a website that contains virus or downloading malicious program. There are many types of viruses, some cause harmless but some cause devastating. The solution is getting one of the following five anti-virus programs installed in your computer if you don’t have one. … Continue Reading

Computer Performance with Utilities Software

imageMost of the computer users are annoyed when they see their computers slowing down day by day. Using a slow moving computer can be quite a pain, especially when our lifestyle is fast and we are so used to such a fast paced life. If you have a slow down problem in your computer, then you will find lots of websites offering speed up software for speeding up your computer which can be easily downloaded or installed. Some of this software is free while others have some fees attached to it and speed up the performance of your computer.. … Continue Reading

New Motorola Mobile Phones

March 6, 2012 MOBILE PHONES No Comments

imageMotorola mobile phones are branded for their elegancy, compactness and unique designing. Motorola handsets are featured with all latest technologies and exotic features. It introduced many stylish cell phones with a gracious human interface and features like a big screen and an easy to navigate menu. This was marketed as a new “human technology”. In 2004, Moto world released RAZR V3. This phone has become the largest selling mobile in the United States and other places quickly after its introduction. It becomes the best selling series of Moto cell phones. Then it also released other phones with the theme of RAZR design like SLVR L6, RAZR V3c, and RAZR V3i with upgraded camera, and technology features. Now with its development, it has introduced its new Motorola Jewel O2 in such a unique way so that they may become legends in themselves. … Continue Reading


imageMarposs offers the following hardware and software for data collection and analysis, industrial control, production and factory automation.
Industrial Computers (embedded computers, panel PC and workstations) for data processing and control.
Data acquisition systems: interface boxes to connect analog and digital sensors to the industrial PCs (Marposs or commercial) that process the data.
Application software to easily create distributed shop-floor data acquisition systems for Statistical Process and Quality control (SPC).

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